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A new NOCCO arrives in the UK – Melon Blast

May 21, 2024

A new NOCCO arrives in the UK – Melon Blast

Take the summer of 2024 to the next level with NOCCO Melon Blast, launching now in the UK. In line with NOCCO’s core portfolio of performance energy drinks, it is sugar-free, enriched with 180 mg of caffeine, and BCAA’s, and comes with a sweet and refreshing taste of melon. The UK are just the second country to ever launch this unique flavour after USA and the hype has been building. 

The NOCCO Melon Blast launch in the UK will be highlighted through various activities – including the upcoming Turf Games, to which NOCCO is an official partner. Leading up to the competition, NOCCO will be supporting athletes in their training. During the competition weekend, at The Turf Games London Summer Festival, 15-16 of June, NOCCO will also help maximise the hype by bringing ambassadors and ice-cold drinks, running competitions, and contributing to the great vibe.

Whether you’re at a festival with your friends, soaking up the sun, or getting a workout in, NOCCO Melon Blast is your go-to companion for making this summer even more special. So, grab a can, get out in the sun, and let’s make this summer one to remember!

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