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Juicy melba blog post

Say hello to summer with NOCCO Juicy Melba

March 28, 2023

Say hello to summer with NOCCO Juicy Melba

Launching today, NOCCO Juicy Melba is a refreshing blend of fresh peaches, designed to provide the ultimate combination of taste and energy. In line with NOCCO’s core portfolio of performance energy drinks, the newly launched flavour contains 180mg caffeine, 3000mg BCAA, is sugar free and vegan. The NOCCO summer editions have a history of successful launches, and many have become part of the core NOCCO range. Juicy Melba follows past summer editions like Caribbean, Miami, Limón del Sol, Blood Orange del Sol, and Mango del Sol. For the first time, NOCCO is launching the new summer edition globally, in more than 15 countries at once, making it the biggest NOCCO launch to date.

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