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ICE SODA – made for hard work

January 20, 2020

ICE SODA – made for hard work

We are starting off the new year with the launch of a new incredible flavour: ICE SODA. Whether you’re a heavy lifter, a rugby player, or a very busy businessperson, NOCCO ICE SODA is made for hard work, inside and outside the gym.

NOCCO ICE SODA brings a refreshing thirst-quencher, with a hint of fizzy lemonade and soda: the perfect pick-me-up for hard workers. Just like all other blue NOCCOs, ICE SODA is sugar free, carbonated and contains 180 mg caffeine, six different vitamins, green tea extract and 3000mg of BCAAs.

Consumers will be able to try ICE SODA at CrossFitâ Strength in Depth, an individual and team functional fitness competition held at London ExCel 24th-26th of January. Being passionately committed to functional fitness, we will be, for the second year in a row, main sponsor of the event. Spectators and competitors will have the chance to taste our brand-new flavour ICE SODA and can also perform a heavy workout in a NOCCO pop-up gym, coached by some of our best international athletes.

Safe to say, it will push you through any hard work!

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