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Partnership with Battle Cancer

NOCCO is proud to present its partnership with Battle Cancer!

January 17, 2020

NOCCO is proud to present its partnership with Battle Cancer!

NOCCO is proud to present its partnership with Battle Cancer, the world’s leading non-profit functional fitness event. As a global partner, NOCCO will be present at all Battle Cancer events in 2020 with a variety of activations to help raise awareness and funds for cancer charities.

Battle Cancer is an accessible functional fitness competition that raises money for cancer charities across the world. NOCCO  has supported Battle Cancer since their first event in Manchester in 2017, the organization has now a raised more than $500,000 for cancer charities with events worldwide. Battle Cancer is currently held in eight countries and have eleven international events planned in 2020 outside their US Battle tour.

The Battle Cancer kicks off in Dublin, Ireland on February 8th 2020. Battle Cancer Dublin has grown the second year it is arranged, from 300 athletes 2019 to 2020’s impressive 700 athletes. Furthermore, the fundraising totals show already over £15,000 raised prior to the event with this number going up each day.

When kicking off in Dublin, and for the first time ever at a Battle Cancer event, there will be four workout floors as well as a secret new and never seen before in a fitness competition movement. NOCCO will be present during all the events throughout the year with a variety of activations as well as providing athletes and spectators with the sugar free, no carb, BCAA beverage. Read more about Battle Cancer and how to register your team here!  

Here are the Battle Cancer 2020 competition locations:

  • Dublin 08.02.2020
  • San Diego 15.08.2020
  • Boston 22.08.2020
  • Reykjavik 29.08.2020
  • Toulouse 05.09.2020
  • Berlin 12.09.2020
  • Madrid 19.09.2020
  • Sweden 26.09.2020
  • London 17.10.2020
  • Manchester 25.10.2020
  • Milan, date TBA

About Battle Cancer:

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