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Samantha Briggs

NOCCO Proud Sponsor of Samantha Briggs

January 16, 2019

NOCCO Proud Sponsor of Samantha Briggs

NOCCO is proud to present its latest member of the team – British superstar Samantha Briggs. Samantha Briggs is a British athlete who has been a part of the world elite for a long time. In 2013, she made a huge mark within the scene by winning the biggest competition – the Reebok CrossFit® Games. She has qualified for the CrossFit® Games four additional times

– “I’m very excited to join Team NOCCO and continue to push my boundaries with them. I love the product, NOCCO Pear is my favourite, and I have been drinking NOCCO for ages now. It’s the perfect match!”, says Samantha.

Recently Samantha qualified for the 2019 CrossFit® Games as an individual athlete through the Dubai CrossFit® Championships. We met her to ask her about her incredible career and her journey to become a champion.

What is your background? When did you start with functional training and why – what got you hooked?
– My sport background was mainly football, but just before starting with CrossFit® I was running for a club as well as doing amateur triathlons and duathlons. Someone recommended me to try CrossFit® to get stronger for the Triathlons and I instantly loved the style of training. For me, it’s the fact that there is always something to work on, you’ll never be best at everything but that doesn’t stop you from trying. I love the buzz of competing, pushing yourself further than you ever thought possible.

At my first year at the CrossFit® Games, while I was doing the workout “Amanda” under the lights of the Tennis stadium, I just realized that it was my thing, that it was what I wanted to do. After that I was hooked! I did my last competitive duathlon later that year, and then solely concentrated on CrossFit®.

You started as a firefighter, what role has that played for you as a professional athlete?
– Being a firefighter it’s crucial to have the ability of switching off what’s going on around you and to get the work done. No matter how tired you are or how dangerous the situation is, you have to remain focused on the job in hand. For me, a strong mentality is the biggest advantage in CrossFit® which is something I brought from being a firefighter.

What expectations come with winning the CrossFit® Games?
– You definitely feel a bigger pressure on doing well after being at the top which can be hard at first. Once you can push that aside and remember why you did CrossFit® in the first place you can still love what you do without feeling that you need to perform to a certain level for everyone else. You can just do the best you can in that given moment.


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